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Hey! I'm Jeremy, welcome to my blog. I'm a 22yo in Adelaide, Australia.

I studied Visual Communication and Foreign Languages at Uni. I have french under my belt already, speak a bit of italian, and aspire to learn as many foreign languages as possible.

Si tu veux en savoir plus, pose-moi une question :)

Boy instagram: jezramy || Drag/Makeup instagram: viviennegotlynched
angry French person : PUTAIN
amazed French person : PUTAIN
happy French person : PUTAIN
sad French person : PUTAIN
lost French person : PUTAIN
disgusted French person : PUTAIN
horny French person : PUTAIN
bored French person : PUTAIN
At first I thought ur icon was a hairy penis
by Anonymous

It’s the penis ferret, as I’ve referred to it multiple times - so you’re not alone!

Mini Challenge #1 - Be A Flag, Make Us GAG!


For this mini challenge, the girls had to create a make-inspired look from a flag. Lets see if any of these flags made us GAG!

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Understanding yourself is power

(via manhood)